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We offer Wall Print, where we personally come to you or the company with our Wall Printer

Our Wall Printer wallPen E2 can bring digital images, photos or graphic works to life by printing them directly on the wall and we are proud to use only vegan and ICO certified ink, as we want to be environmentally friendly and ensure that our products are sustainable.

It is said that a picture is worth 1000 words, and we believe that to be true. A picture also tells a story, and good storytelling is probably the most important thing you can possess and convey when you want people to stop and take an interest in what you have in mind.

Storytelling is not just 'telling a good story'. It is also an important component of your narrative, which helps to leave the recipient with the entire experience of your brand or company. Therefore, it is important that the image - the story that you help convey - always appears sharp, professional, relevant, and creates a feeling of - wanting to hear more.

Your story will not only affect the immediate experience when you enter a room, it will also - if told in the right way - have an emotional layer, which evokes a feeling of security and joy in the viewer, a feeling that when coming home after a hard day at work and still can't help but smile when you walk in the door.

And that, we would like to help create - the feeling of feeling at home - when you enter your home or workplace.

That is why we have decided to take our own medicine, be brief and tell our own story in very few words, which is about our vision to revolutionize wall design. And it starts on your wall.

Davie Tirkov StylePrint

All the best,



Davie Tirkov

Managing Director

StylePrint, Wallcome Home


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