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Wall Print

For Private & Companies

1.358,- excl. vat. per. sqm.

Wall Print Start StylePrint
Wall Print Middle StylePrint
Wall Print Finished StylePrint

Up to what sizes?

Unevenness in walls and floors?

Which images can be printed?

  • Sensors detect unevenness

  • Rails for uneven floors

  • Print height up to 4 meters

  • Print width unlimited

  • Virtually any graphic, sketch, image, logo, design & text

Good Wall Print & Clean Environment

Vegan Ink and ISO-Certified Ink StylePrint


Vegan and ISO certified.

No Stencils Or Foil Residues StylePrint


No waste due to stencils or foil residues.

Very Durable and Scratch-resistant Wall Print StylePrint


Very durable and scratch-resistant. Maintains color fastness for 12+ years indoors.

Odorless and Harmless StylePrint


Odorless and harmless even in case of fire.

StylePrint, minimal use of materials.


Minimal use of materials.

No Use Of Solvents Or Thinners On The Walls StylePrint


No use of solvents or thinners on your walls.

Wall Print & Surfaces

For every style and decoration need

wallPen E2 Wall Printer StylePrint
Wall Print Directly on Ordinary Wall and Sawdust Wallpaper StylePrint

Regular & Wallpaper

We offer surface printing for every style and decoration need, you just have to share the design and we can print it directly on your wall.

Wall Print Directly On Brick and Concrete StylePrint

With the cutting-edge technology, we can transform ordinary and boring walls into fantastic works of art that are long-lasting, environmentally friendly and detailed.

Wall Print Directly On Metal and Blinds StylePrint

We also offer the option to upload your own images or work with our design team to create something truly unique.

Wall Print Directly On Wood StylePrint

We are committed to using only the highest quality, environmentally friendly, vegan ink and materials that ensure your wall decor is safe for both the environment and health.

Wall Print Directly On Tiles and Tiles StylePrint

We take pride in our commitment to customer satisfaction and our team will work with you to ensure your vision becomes a reality.

Wall Print Directly on Glass and Shop Window StylePrint

The innovative Wall Printer wallPen® E2 is designed to print high-quality digital images directly on vertical surfaces.

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